The perfect rainy Sunday lunch

Shin of beef cooked in my thermal cooker over a period of 19 hours is the perfect Sunday lunch on a wet rainy day in November.

orange & ginger guinea fowl

Orange and Ginger Guinea Fowl

orange and ginger guinea fowl cooked in Mr D’s Thermal Cooker is so easy to make and will make a perfect evening meal for four people.


Cake and bread tins leave the factory

For all those who have been patiently waiting bread and cake tins are on their way. They should be hear in time for the NEC show in October and certainly in good time for you


Brussels energy saving why not look at the thermal cooker

I see that due to the Brussels ban on vacuum cleaners of more than 1,600 watts people are rushing out to by kettles and toasters in the fear that they may be next. According to


Jenny’s Bread & Butter Pudding

  Jenny’s Bread & Butter Pudding Recipe Type: Pudding Author: Jenny Delicious hot or cold – the ultimate comfort food, and frugal too! Ingredients 6 slices medium cut stale bread, lightly buttered (you can use


Grumblings from the Live Aboard …. Week 26 – 2014

G’day everyone! Well, what a weekend that was!  It was ‘that’ time of year again …. bum scraping, painting, fiddling with cocks, anodes and nipples, and then the challenge of getting the antifouling out of