Ginger-soy poached chicken with rice and mushrooms – adapted from a Waitrose Magazine Recipe

Watch Mr D’s latest slow cook recipe Ginger-Soy Poached Chicken with Rice and Mushrooms from Mr D’s Kitchen – The Home of Thermal Cooking.

This recipe from Mr D’s Cooking the Books series is adapted from the Waitrose November Magazine and can be made in either a thermal cooker, a slow cooker or just on the cooker top.


The Southampton Boat Show 2015 – Our Next Show

  This is our 6th year at the Southampton Boat Show and you will find us in our usual place (stand B030 just outside the entrance to the Holiday Inn). The Southampton Boat Show is…


Mr D’s memories of the 2015 Crick Boat Show

Here are some of my memories of this years The 2015 Crick Boat Show. The show proved a great success to us and saw the introduction of thermal cooking to many new people.


Ash-e Anar Pomegranate Soup – Video Recipe 038

Learn how to make Ash-e Anar in a Mr D’s Thermal Cooker. Ash-e Anar or pomegranate soup is a Persian dish made from pomegranate juice, yellow split peas, mint leaves, spices, and other ingredients. ingredients…

ice-cream-in a thermal cooker

Homemade Ice Cream – Made in Mr D’s Thermal Cooker

  I used a 700ml container for my ice cream. You can if you wish add fruit or chocolate chips instead of the vanilla pod. These will just need to be folded into the cream…


Our next show 15th to 17th May

Our next Motorhome Show is at the Newbury Show Ground on the weekend of the 15th to 17th May. For entertainment in the evening there will be many 60s pop groups such as Edison Lighthouse and The Swinging Blue Jeans….