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Lamb Shanks for a Birthday Boy

PrintLamb Shanks for a Birthday Boy On the 25th of May my dad was 92 years old so we decided that he should have a special lunch. After rummaging through the freezer looking for a

Carbonnade flamande in Mr D’s Thermal Cooker

  Carbonnade flamande Recipe Type: Mains – Beef Cuisine: Belgium Author: Mr D The Thermal Cook Serves: 6 This Flemish beef stew, or carbonnade flamande, is the national dish of Belgium. It is the perfect

Sausage Casserole cooked in Mr D’s Thermal Cooker

Sausage Casserole The humble sausage can make a cheap and flavoursome meal. It is always worth buying a good quality sausage with a high meat content. In this recipe you can use pork, beef or