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Green Award Press Release

Mr D’s Cookware wins Best Product category at 2012 PBO Green Awards    Mr D’s Cookware has won the 2012 PBO Green Award for Best Product for its range of thermal  cookers. Mr D’s Thermal Cookers enable owners to save around 80% on cooking fuel, saving on money  and carbon emissions. 

Waterways World Jan 2012

After a long day working locks or standing at the tiller, wouldn’t it be splendid to come down to the galley and find supper ready to eat? Admittedly someone has to do some starting off,

Classic Boat 2013

This is a fuel-saving vacuum cooker with an internal pot that, once brought to the boil, is put in the locking outer vacuum pot and has no more need for power or gas for the

Camping and Caravanning

I think this is a genius piece of cooking kit for campers whether in a tent, motorhome or caravan. You can cook the same type of dishes as in a slow cooker, although the range

Water Craft Magazine

Much as I love messing about in boats, in England it’s often a cold experience. The thing I want most when I’m cold after a morning’s sailing is a hot meal. However, going out for

What had to say.

On a very wet and windy day, we started our sail and our test of Mr D’s Thermal cooker. Our sail lasted approximately 3 and a half hours, it was wet, windy (approximately 35 knots)