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Paul & Diana decide to save money

Paul and Diana Peacock decide they are spending far too much on gas and electricity so have decided to get as much off grid as they possibly can and this involves cooking with their Mr

Mr D Live on Penny-Watcher Radio Show

Tonight I was interviewed about thermal cooking on by Paul Peacock. We talked about how to use a thermal cooker and how it can save money by cooking without power.

Interview with Mr D on City Cottage Food Show

This week I was interviewed on The City Cottage Food Show about my Thermal Cooker. Paul Peacock whose site it is owns a Mr D’s Thermal Cooker and has used it very successfully for making cheese……

Podcast – A Dream Come True

As we come to the end of another MasterChef and a new winner is announced I look back to an interview with a previous finalist Annie Asshton and talk to her about how you enter and what is it like to compete in

Mr D’s Next Show 19th April 2013

19th – 21st April 2013 Mr D’s Thermal Cooker will be at the National Motorhome Show – Peterborough. This is the largest outdoor Motorhome show in UK with over 300 exhibitors and we will be

June 2012 Podcast Newsletter

Mr D’s Podcast 0002 – This month we learn about making curry in India – what Eleanour Sinclair Rhode had to say about hay box cooking in her book “Hay Box Cookery” published in 1939 – who