Eating Chinese Hot Pot in Abu Dhabi (not thermal cooking but a very economical way of cooking food)

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Qian Zhou Hot & Pot Restaurant - Abu Dhabi

 I am at present in Abu Dhabi and when I am here I always like to make at least one visit to a small restaurant in the town centre called Qian Zhou Hot & Pot Restaurant. This restaurant is a favourite haunt of Chinese who work and live in Abu Dhabi. The surroundings are spotlessly clean and it is one of those places where you can while away lunchtime with your friends sharing good conversation and food that you have freshly cooked and not realise that it is already 3 o’clock.

Individual hot pots as served at the Qian Zhou

Some of you may be wandering at this stage as to what a hot pot is well  it is sometimes referred to as a steamboat and is a metal pot in which you have a basic stock on a burner usually charcoal. You choose different ingredients and like a fondue cook them in the stock eating them when they are cooked.

Meat is sliced very thin by freezing it first then using a very sharp knife to cut it. Meats used include lamb, beef, chicken, and others.

Sometimes in countries such as Korea the propane fuelled cooking pot is sunk into the table. 

Meat or vegetables are placed into the hot cooking broth with chopsticks, and the cooking time is can be as quick as 15 to 30 seconds.

Some people like to place items into the hot pot individually, while others prefer to throw everything in at once and wait for the hotpot to return to a boil.

You normally eat the food you have cooked with a dipping sauce and is the Qian Zhou you make your own from a vast array of ingredients.

Beef, shrimp balls and Chinese cabbage

At the end of the meal you drink the stock which is now is rich in flavour.
The traditions of hot pots is believed to originated in Mongolia but others claim it originated near the Sichuan province of China. But since those days it has spread to other areas of Asia and can be found in countries such as Thailand.

Whatever the history is, the Hot Pot is a great way encourage social eating as you have plenty of time to chat as you wait for your food to cook.

Ingredients to make your own dipping sauces

Some of the items on the menu from Qian Zhou Hot Pot Restaurant. You choose your base soup and then what ever meat, seafood and vegetables you would like to cook in it.


  • Seafood Soup Base
  • Special Plain Soup
  • Nourishing Plain Soup
  • Special Beef Soup Base
  • Hot and Spicy Soup Base
  • Little Sheep Soup Base
  • Ginseng Mushroom Nourishing Soup Base


  • Chuck Rolls
  • Fat Beef
  • Little Sheep Mutton
  • Unique Lamb
  • Select Lamb
  • Select Beef
  • Select Chicken
  • Beef Ball
  • Mutton Ball


  • Fresh Crab
  • Fresh Shrimps
  • Fresh Groupe
  • Squid
  • Crab Meat Stick
  • Fish Head
  • Shrimp Ball
  • Fish Ball


  • Chinese White Cabbage
  • Chinese Cabbage
  • Lettuce
  • Spinach
  • Coriander
  • Water Convolvulus
  • White Gourd
  • Potato
  • Sweet Potato
  • Carrot


  • Mushrooms
  • Winter Mushrooms
  • Fresh Mushrooms
  • Fresh Bean Curd
  • Bean-curd Knots
  • Kelp Knots
  • Winter Bamboo Shoots
  • Lotus Root
  • Black Fungus
  • Vermicelli


  • Rice
  • Hot-pot Noodles
  • Instant Noodles

For more information on the history of the hot pot check out Wikipedia.