Grumblings from the Live Aboard ….2013 Week 52

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I’m finding it very hard to summon up the enthusiasm for anything at the moment.  After a week of crappy telly, too much wine and lots of nice food, that ‘nothing nice is ever going to happen again’ feeling is about to hit, methinks …..  Mind you – Christmas was a bit mad.  800 miles in 2 ½ days, visiting friends, family, smuggling turkeys across the border into Somerset and meeting ‘a man’ in a lay-by to deliver them (we weren’t followed by the ‘rozzers’),

Lots of leftover veg after Christmas ….. so I’m busy making some spud and leek soup, and the other stuff – well, I’m vacuum packing it! Saves it fromvac-pac-veg going off!  The Spud Fairy has delivered again so there’ll be some yummy lunches for all J

……. and just when you think it’s safe to go back to the shops …. it’s NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!! It’ll all start again on Tuesday – panic buying and stocking up for the ONE day that the shops will be closed!! Get REAL everyone!!  Buy proper food from your LOCAL shops and you’ll find it’ll last a lot longer than supermarket rubbish … yes, really!

Again, it’s the calm before the storm, with another Force 11 storm due in overnight tonight.  Batten down yer’ ‘atches me hearties!  It was so windy last week that my fairy lights blew down, leaving my main halyard happily swinging at the top of the mast!  Luckily a small agile friend came to visit so I despatched him skywards to retrieve it J ha ha!

.. should old acquaintance be forgot ……

(I’m sorry? Who are you?) J