Grumblings from the Live Aboard …. Week 14 – 2014

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sophie-125x125Gooood morning!

I hope you’ve all missed me ….. I’ve been BUSY BUSY BUSY! Doing ‘stuff’. (nods wisely) I’ve been at the gym of course – I’ve started doing this MAD thing called Body Combat which is like kickboxing and boxing all thrown in together. It’s fast and furious and FAB! My flabby arms seem to be vanishing!! … and since I started at the gym, my towel has got bigger! Yes!!! When I started going, it didn’t QUITE fit all the way round me, but now …. 6 weeks on …. there is about an 8 inch overlap!! I didn’t know that towels grew! Mind you, so have my knickers! (giggle) This gym thing is working! I’m having a morning off today though as my line dance teacher is on holiday for three weeks so I’m covering her classes. Last night was fun but exhausting! The class didn’t know what had hit them J You should all give it a try! Come along next week!

The weather is improving! Ok – there’s been a load of rain again this week but GENERALLY it’s ‘better’. I went out with a friend the other day. We took her dog and went for a tramp in the woods. It was a bit muddy and the tramp was a bit fed up (snigger) but it was a nice spring day and we’re all hoping for more of them.

(I’m eating my breakfast while I’m writing this … leftover beef Rendang curry made in the thermal cooker mmmmmmmm – doesn’t bode well for others around me later, eh!)

Ok – who is going to the Beaulieu Boat Jumble on 27th April? (puts hand up and jumps around a bit) ME!!! MEEEEEEE!!!! … and guess what I’ll be doing? Yes – I’m manning Mr D’s Thermal Cooker stand! Mr and Mrs D are going to be at the Peterborough Show that weekend so I’m being trusted with Beaulieu J I hope you’ll all come and say hello and have a taste of whatever delight I’ll be offering for tasting J

Thought for the week: After all the rain we’ve had so far this year…. why haven’t the sheep shrunk?

See y’all soon J