Grumblings from the Live Aboard ….2014 Week 2

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Grumblings from the Live Aboard ….


Bingo-Caller…. so, I thought I’d start 2014 with a bang. Windy and very wet new year, must try new things – you know how we all start off  SO ……

Saturday night I went ….. (with some friends, who were only going to appease a visiting mother) to (looks round furtively to see if anyone’s looking) ahem … (coughs) (whispers) ‘Bingo’ ……



It’s a side of life I’ve never seen before. Truly. The place was filled with Plymouth’s finest, necking Fosters and Bacardi Breezers, eating chips, dragging their partners around by the hair (and that was just the women!) I had to give my wine a thorough search in case the barmaid’s false eyelash had fallen in ……. Anyway, between the four of us… guess how much we won?? Go on – guess? NOT A LOUSY STINKING PENNY. NOTHING! None of us were even CLOSE to getting a line IN THE WHOLE EVENING!!! …AND they don’t do any of this ‘two little ducks’ business any more either! I was really disappointed! ….. however. We played about ten games then we were able to escape. I’m sure it CAN be fun and I’m sure people DO enjoy it ….. maybe next time eh!

….. Sunday afternoon – I went to the Panto!!!


It isn’t something I’ve done since I was maybe 3 so my memories were distorted, but I tell you what ….. it was HILARIOUS!!! I haven’t laughed so much in AGES! Bobby Davro was Will Scarlett – absolutely brilliant. Nigel Havers was the Sheriff of Nottingham (phwoar!!!!!) I was the only person cheering for him! There was so much innuendo in it too – the adults were hysterical and the kids hadn’t a clue what was being said I’m definitely going next year!

…. back in time to make a wonderful chick pea and chorizo casserole for my lunches at work mmmmm. Now, where did I put my shopping bag???


(Salutes) Until next week … stay clean