Grumblings from the Live Aboard …. Week 04 – 2014

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Grumblings from the Live Aboard ….

.. another wild and windy week in soggy Plymouth ……  The Spud Fairy has well and truly delivered though! (see picture!) Extremely amusing but he still ended up in the soup Waste not, want not and all that.  The soup of course (cooked in my thermal cooker) was superb.


Eventful weekend….. I broke two men.  Yes – really.  One is in the marina and the other one came from Orkney.  Distance no object ….. I broke them both and neither of them functioned at all the next day (unless you count vomiting and moaning about hangovers ….)   I DID tell them that if it was any consolation, I felt fine, but they didn’t seem too impressed by that.  The thing is …..  I had 4 glasses of wine and half a cider ….. THEY had two bottles of wine each and a litre of rum between them and that was BEFORE we went to the Minerva (oldest pub in Plymouth) … No cure for stupidity, I say  … but we had a fun night  Probably not helpful was the fact that I fed beef goulash with sour cream to an almost vegetarian ….. NOT MY FAULT if he didn’t tell me!!!

….. It’s also been one of those weeks where I’ve thought ‘My car is great – nothing ever goes wrong with it.’  Hmmm…..  Flat battery, pointing UP a steep hill …. and two bald tyres and a new wiper blade (don’t turn your wipers on when the screen is thick with ice!)  That’ll teach me to think positive thoughts, eh!

I managed to have a major clear out of ‘spare kit’ on Flo.  You know the sort of stuff – things you buy, thinking ‘I might need that’ … and it’s been sitting in that locker, taking up space ever since.  Well, I managed to sell loads of stuff on Ebay, raised some funds AND I have more space than I’ve ever had on board  This can only be a good thing.

More gales forecast for later today.  Here’s a thought.  A friend of mine said to me ‘Will your boat be ok if Plymouth floods?’  Um …….  I had to think carefully how to reply without offending her ….!

….  and here’s another thought ……   why is there a sell by date on sour cream?

Catch y’all later