It is getting colder but the thermal cookers are here.

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I don’t want to sound too British (talking about the weather) but today has not risen above freezing and we are promised more for the rest of the week. When I got up at 6 am it was about -4C which is quite cold for down here in the South of England.

I am a bit excited as tomorrow I am going to collect my new thermal cookers from the docks. I hope that we can get them in the van we have.

Mr D's new thermal cooker

All the artwork for the labels etc. are now finished so they can go on sale immediately. Already I have pre orders and our local Calor Gas outlet wants to stock them. The cooker is 4.5L and I have with the shipment samples of the other sizes that they make.

 I am also looking at a small thermal cooker that would be suitable to carry lunch for one person. In UK there is a growing trend for tiffin carriers as used in India and I think that the carrier I am looking at could become a very popular means of carrying food.
I have a couple of samples over here and will be testing them over the next month. 

Take care
Mr D