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If you would like to download The Thermal Cooks podcast recipes to your iPhone follow the pictures and instructions below.

1. Open App Store 2. Choose SEARCH and type in
rssradio. Then touch Search
3. Select either (lite version has
ads) and then INSTALL
4. Once installed the icon will
appear at the end of your
installed apps.
5. Open the app and press OK on
the welcome screen
6. Press the + on the subscriptions
7. Choose Enter the URL Manually 8. Type in
and press Go



9. Choose Subscribe (top right) 10. Choose OK from the
Congratulations screen
11. Touch The Thermal Cook Photo 12. Choose the files you want to
download to your iPhone. You can
download as few or as many as
you want
13. Once downloaded a symbol
will appear next to the title.
14. Next time you open the app
choose which podcast you want to
NOTE: Each time you open the app you
will also find if the iPhone is able to
go on line it will automatically update
the podcasts to include any new ones

15. And watch them in your kitchen without need to be connected to the internet

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