New bags have arrived.

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Our new bags and pot covers arrived yesterday and I am very please with them. The company that made them for us have taken great care on the manufacturing and this is certainly reflected in the quality of finish.

I have for some time, unsuccessfully, been trying to find a shopping bag that Mr D’s Thermal Cooker would fit in, when bought at shows, so have had a shopping bag made. It is a cloth bag and will be very useful for general shopping after getting your thermal cooker home.

The new thermal cooker cover is in Oxford blue and has a Velcro® strip to make putting on and removing easier. The handle is also removable which is a useful feature when cooking.

We will have both bags available at the Dorset County Show on the 3rd and 4th of September and of course at the Southampton Boat Show 16-25th September where you will find us opposite the entrance to the Holiday Inn.