New cook book started

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Like all cookbooks, mine, “Mr D’s Thermal Cooking” took a huge amount of recipe testing before it could be published. I was amazed at how many hours it takes to develop recipes. This however has not put me off writing my second book and today the first recipe was born.
What I want to do with this new cookbook is to create recipes that are easy to put together when you are on the move or your busy life does not give you much time to cook.  A lot of the recipes will contain ingredients that will store easily and I shall put a list of store cupboard items at the beginning of the book.
 The recipe I was working on today was ready to eat between two to three hours but leaving it a little longer would not have hurt.
What I would like to get across about thermal cooking is that you can prepare a meal when you want and then eat it when you are ready. I often will start a meal in the afternoon when I have a lull in my work and then forget it until Jen, my wife,  and myself want to eat. This maybe 8 o’clock in the evening  or later. Time is not too important to the thermal cooker for it will not burn your meal and because of the very little temperature loss it will just keep slowly cooking until you are ready.
Over the next months I will put some of the new recipes on this blog so you can try them and give me your reaction. Although I have around 100 recipes to try please let me know of any you have that you think would be good to include.

All the best
Mr D