Over 1,000 visitors from all over the world

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Hi Thermal Cooks.

Today this site which began 30th March 2010 hit over 1,000 visitors from all over the world.

Although the visitors have come mainly from UK, USA and Australia but we have also had visits from Japan, Italy and even Armenia.

Thank you everyone who has visited and I hope you enjoy my recipes. Please give me some feedback plus new recipes. Also don’t forget the forum which is still not being used.

I will keep on adding recipes which will include a selection of soups and our vegetarian week towards the end of May.

All the recipes I add other than those from guest writers are made by me for our evening meal. I take a photo before we eat and then after we have finished I post the recipe. In the future I hope to possible set up a video Skype link so I can answer questions live. If you think that this would be useful please let me know.

Finally I have been doing some experiments as I mentioned in an earlier post with roasting meat. I will be posting the results and a great recipe sometime next week .

Happy Thermal Cooking

Mr D