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New Video on how a Thermal Cooker Works

To my shame I have for a number of years been meaning to make a video to explain the workings of a thermal cooker and the savings that can be made. Last week I eventually


Christmas Pudding in a Thermal Cooker

Less than a month to go until Christmas Day so it is time to make Mr D’s Christmas Pudding in your thermal cooker. With Mr D’s Thermal cooker you will not have to worry about checking to see that the water hasn’t run out and putting up with a house full of steam.


Interview with Mr D on City Cottage Food Show

This week I was interviewed on The City Cottage Food Show about my Thermal Cooker. Paul Peacock whose site it is owns a Mr D’s Thermal Cooker and has used it very successfully for making cheese……


Weekly Recipe 065 – Pumpkin and Apple Soup

Weekly Recipe 065 – Pumpkin and Apple Soup Recipe Type: Soup Author: Adapted by Mr D from a Keith Floyd recipe. Serves: 8 – 10 This is a wonderful soup (based on a Keith Floyd


New Recipe Indian Roast Beef & Vegetable Curry

The latest recipe from Mr D’s Kitchen is now available Indian Roast Beef & Vegetable Curry


Mr D’s TV – Cheese making at home in a Thermal Cooker

My good friend Paul Peacock from City Cottage has been using his Mr D’s Thermal Cooker for making Stilton cheese.
Paul says: “This is a halfway house between making a soft cheese and a hard cheese because……..