The last day of Christmas

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Or bread oven

Our bread oven covered in snow

I am always rather sad as the 12th night dawns. To avoid a year of bad luck down come the decorations and the whole house looks naked without the warmth of reds, greens and gold. The cards are taken down and packed away to remind us who to send to next year. The Christmas tree that has been cut up to get it out of the house without dropping too many needles lays in bits outside the back door waiting to be taken to the compost heap. You are reminded of that feeling when returning from holiday and you open your front door and everything seems strange. It all takes time to get used to.

This years though I have had little time to think of 12th night as this morning was spent collecting my new thermal cookers from the shipping handlers in Southampton just before the snow started floating down. We had been warned all day that the snow was on its way and for once the weather forecasters were entirely correct.

The Lights shine for the last time this Christmas

As I sit here writing this the garden has a gone from green to white much to the confusion of Merlin our dog. 

 The snow however is the last thing on my mind as I now have to put my energies into marketing the new cookers. To kick start the campaign I am advertising it is a BBC  cooking magazine “Delicious”. Initially we are taking just one ad but if this seem to attract attention we will sign up for a series. The initial ad will appear in the March issue which is out in February.

Mr D