The Loyal Watcher and the thermal cooker

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Last year I sold a thermal cooker to a lady called Linda. What I didn’t know at the time was she was responsible for the food on a charter boat called The Loyal Watcher. A few months after selling her the cooker I got this email from Linda:

“Hi Dave
Many thanks for the thermal cooker.
We use it a lot at sea when its ruff, it is great for stews.
I see that the cookbook is now available could you please send me one.
Many thanks.

I sent her a cookbook by return and inquired how she used the cooker on board. Here is her reply:

“Hi Dave
No problem, off the top of my head, cakes are good and soups too. When we do a long steam , say 2 days no stopping, the thermal cooker is good for stews, currys or chillis as they are easy to serve up.
You do not have to serve in the galley, you can carry it safely, without burning yourself, to the wheel house where they is 24 hour wacht taking place.
You can also serve at different time and the food is still hot.
I will try your recipes and let you know which ones work well on board.
Many thanks

The boat is available for charter as a diving vessel for both scuba and trimix diving, she is also available for wildlife trips (whale, dolphin, shark and Bird watching) walking, light salvage and commercial survey operations so it always has hungy people on board.
So you can see a thermal cooker fits in so well with a vessel such as this where meal times can be at any time.