NEW Weekly Recipe by Newsletter

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One of the most popular items on Mr D’s facebook fanpage and my blog are the recipes. It seems that there is an insatiable appetite for ideas on what to cook in a Mr D’s Thermal Cooker. Bearing this in mind I thought that I would send out a weekly recipe newsletter so those that do not visit either of those sites. There will still be a number of recipes on the sites that I do not send by newsletter so keep an eye out for them as well by vitisting the sites from time to time.

The first recipe for Mr D’s Jubilee Cake (which was won by Jacquie Gardner who entered a competition held by us at The Crick Boat Show) went out this week to those who have signed up for Mr D’s Newsletter. The cake itself is a whiskey fruit cake and the recipe could be used for a Christmas Cake or just a tea time treat any time of the year.

If you haven’t signed up yet and would like to fill in the form at the top right.