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What some of our many customers have to say about their Mr D’s Thermal Cookers

12th June 2013: email

Hi Mr. D

I have now been quite a little devil & have tried a selection of your “Gourmet recipes” & it’s causing quite an interest out on rallies, (out most weekends now) have been dishing out your leaflets & I believe that there are some seriously interested parties and orders will be coming your way. Plus every rally has people that I haven’t told yet!

If this keeps up will need some more leaflets.

Looking forward to Friday’s recipe.
Chris & Pete

4th June 2013: (facebook Mr D’s Friends of Thermal Cooking)

Helen Tidy : Thought I’d posted this link to Andy’s blog with a write up of my first use of my thermal cooker Captain Ahabs Watery Tales

Do take a read, it was a huge success and my friend Lyndsay is very taken with the idea of one for her caravan.

28th May 2013: (facebook Mr D’s Friends of Thermal Cooking)

Shelley Lunn: I did the Greek lamb stew for my first attempt and I was truly delighted with the results. I’m going to enjoy this cooker!!

23rd May 2013: (facebook Mr D’s Friends of Thermal Cooking)

Sophie Turner  …. and something else is the savings on gas. I’ve had my thermal cooker for …? 18 months or so… and bearing in mind I live aboard the boat, I’ve changed my gas bottle twice since then … I use the cooker about 4 times a week … sometimes more … and the gas bottles used to last 7 or 8 weeks.

Everyone should have one, regardless of where they live though.

10th Feb 2013: email

Hi David and Jenny … It has now been a year since purchasing your cooker.

I love it, it is brilliant! Wonderful foods.

It took me a while to get used to it but now I’m an expert. I’m also having a good laugh at the horse meat in the UK. Mmmmm.

See, it pays to cook fresh produce and how easy it is when I have a Mr D’s slow cooker. Attached are some examples of a FEW items cooked in it.

Keep up the good work


2nd Feb 2013: email

Jane: Hi Dave … Well, we tested the pot tonight with the venison and wild rice, and we have to say, it was fabulous!  It will certainly be used for our camping weekends, so we have a hot meal ready for Friday night.

I was in trepidation, new gadget AND new recipe, but needn’t have worried, it all cooked perfectly.

Will be recommending it to others!


18th Jan 2013: email

David: Received the cooker on Wednesday, may I say an excellent service.

First chance to try it was today, as it was my first time I prepared the Pork Sausage Casserole and left to cook hanging in the back of the Defender whilst attending to the horses (5″ of snow) 4 hours later a hot, steaming and extremely satisfying lunch.

Absolute first class product, looking forward to many more meals out in the field.



Hi Mr D

We bought your thermal cooker at the Southampton boat show. We used it every day of our 20 day crossing of the Atlantic with ARC 2011. It was a fantastic piece of kit. We had fresh meat for the whole crossing and each morning made up a meal for 5 in the cooker then strapped it in to a corner for the rest of the day. Come 5pm there was always a delicious evening meal with absolutely no effort and no clearing up. The meat was always very moist and tender. It was fantastic. We have recommended you to the ARC provisioning advisor, Claire, as I feel it is a piece of kit any boat should have. 250 boats do the ARC every year so it would be a good market for you to tap in to. ( www.worldcruising.com )

I have to add though that it did not come through the journey intact. You had suggested that the lid clip may fail. It didn’t but the handle of the inner pot has broken and I will need a replacement inner pot I think, not sure the handle can be repaired. I will bring it back to the UK in January if you want to see it. I will also get a trivet from you as I think it would be useful to add a top pot when only cooking for 2. The inner pot was an ideal size for a grew of 5.

Congratulations on a wonderful product, it made my life as cook for the passage so easy. My daughter says I cooked better on the trip than I ever do at home, thanks to MrD.


Anne Letton

S/Y Timebandit in St Lucia.

Mr D,
We purchased a Thermal Cooker from your good selves at the Southampton Boat show – it is fantastic. It is helping to keep us warm on the Lakeland fells on these cold November nights.

Louise wrote

“Mr D’s thermal cooker is totally amazing ….Got back home after buying one at show, put in ingredients …then 4 hours later one yummy stew using no power …today a rice pudding(thanks Tati) or a lemon drizzle cake ..? Fantastico”

Hi Dave

Just a reminder of who I am, I already have the smaller thermal cooker and ordered the larger one from you yesterday and had a lengthy conversation about recipes for a Valentine’s meal I was cooking last night. Just wanted to let you know that after your recommendation I decided to cook the Lamb Machboos instead of the Biryani, it was lovely and just so easy! It’s so much more relaxing being able to cook in advance, I could then enjoy a glass (or two!) of wine, knowing that I couldn’t ruin the meal!! Also from your recommendation I’m planning on trying the duck in orange soon, it sounds lovely.

Thanks for the help, it’s so nice to buy from a family run business, a much more personal service

Hi Dave,

Louise Rawcliffe commented on Mr D’s Thermal Cooker’s Wall post.
Louise wrote “So far amazing…. 2 days of porridge ready and waiting in the morning,2days stew, one rice pudding and tonight a veg soup. I am so excited by this cookerI am trying to get all the family and friends to consider buying one, then i might just pipe down about it!!!!!”

Hi Dave,

I just wanted to say thank you for providing me with such excellent service. My thermal cooker arrived to today just as you promised it would, it was well packed so it arrived safely and I have used it already. The sausage and Guinness casserole was a great success. I’m looking forward to seeing how some of our favourite slow cooker recipes convert to Thermal cooking. I hope to come back to you as soon as I’m able to get the cookbook and some accessories – though I might have to wait for the next Birthday but I’ll enjoy seeing what I can conjure up until then.

Thanks again for your brilliant service.


Jamie wrote

“Dave – the other day Liz cooked a curry in our Mr D, and it was absolutely fantastic! Seriously, the potatoes were some of the best I have tasted because the slow-cooking action had allowed them to really soak up all the flavour from the gravy. Superb!”

Dear Dave

We were at the Newbury Show and bought your thermal cooker and also the cake tin etc.

I saw your blog to say that you had almost run out and wanted to congratulate you! I am using mine for the first time tonight with a chicken and veg casserole so will let you know how it goes.

But the main point of this email is to say well done and how refreshing it is to find such a wonderful product with such nice people promoting it. You did not push it on anyone and you took your time to talk to people without the “sell and move on” tactics that a lot of sales people use. Because of this we also felt confident of being able to contact you with any questions should they arise.

I cannot tell you how many people I have told about this product already! Please feel free to use my comments if you wish.

Good luck to you both.

Best wishes



I must say that your Thermal Cooker has exceeded my expectations. I am a very satisfied customer. Thank you so much!



Hi Dave,

Have the top pots arrived yet?

I love the cooker – brilliant. I’m already an “expert” using it.

It will save of costs – fab for soups. It would be good to use the top pot too – then I could make smaller batches.

Not tried your recipes yet – but I will soon, especially the curries.



Dear Mr D,

Just a quick note to tell you how happy I am with your Thermal Cooker. I use it for ‘perpetual stew’ (companaticum). There is a hot meal on my table every day now, and no worries about lunches for work. And all it takes is 10 minutes of cooking in the morning and 10 minutes before going to bed. I also seem to be buying less food now, only some veg I need to replenish the pot. The fact that the cooker needs no energy to cook is such a great money saver – and we just heard that gas prices are going up 9.5%! The cooker is of very high quality and I can heartily recommend it to everyone.


Hi Dave,

We are enjoying the thermal cooker, I am slowly making my way through both of your recipe books, and extra’s I find online. so far we love all the recipes that we have tried. Did the chicken risotto recently and loved it.

Warm Regards

Hi Dave,

I made the venison chilli today in the thermal cooker and I must say it is the best chilli con carne
I have ever had. Also I had never had Venison before getting the thermal cooker and have had a couple of meals now.

Many thanks

Dear Fiona and Louise

Lovely to meet you today

Re: Mrs M’s desire to no longer use tinned beans

Thought this amazing gadget Mr D’s Thermal Cooker may be very useful for you

It obviously does a lot more than just cook beans and I know you have aga’s but you still may find it very useful for helping with timings, keeping things hot, making yoghurt, making ice cream – A Dutch man even makes cheese in it – There is a big 6.8 litre one for events

It’s main use is for situations where energy/time is at a premium such as on boats/ camping but I consider it invaluable for catering too and hot food up to 8 hours after you have left. Because it cooks at a constant low heat you protect nutrients in food too.

I find it invaluable.

Best wishes